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We collaborate with organizations to create more successful, sustainable workplaces driven by happier, healthier employees who are more proficient, engaged, focused, energized and inspired.

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the approach
Through a fusion of group coaching strategies, energy rubrics and mindfulness practices, we address organizations’ performance needs thoroughly, holistically and effectively. We can even help you identify your organization’s greatest challenges and demands by performing a Zest Assessment TM with your guidance and support.

Whether your needs center on hard skills or soft, you can select from more than a dozen modules. These include leadership, teamwork, goal setting, soft skill refinement, stress management, success,  creativity, communication and much more. Modules can be presented as a cohesive, multi-week progression or as standalone presentations. The more time devoted to a topic, the deeper we get with it.

Each program features tools such as meditation, deep breathing and other mindfulness techniques to help your employees develop an inner calm, focus and centering, which allows learning to be incredibly effective. With this strong, mindful foundation, we teach and engage in conversation and coaching on the topic(s) you select.

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the challenge

In today’s environment, the pressure is on for organizations to perform better and produce more, often with dwindling resources.

The result? Too often, it’s stressed out, tired and overwhelmed employees who lack the drive and inspiration to maximize their time, creativity, expertise and success. Both the organization and the employees suffer. Ugh. Life is too short for that!

the opportunity

Instead, what if your employees were full of energy, ideas, focus, skills and enthusiasm, ready to use their talents to lead your organization and make it organization thrive?

the solution
BUSINESS boostcamp is one of the first training programs in the world to address both professional development and employee wellness. We do so in a cutting-edge manner that is tailored to you.

the benefits

We help organizations achieve:

  • Enhanced performance & success
  • Reduced absenteeism & healthcare costs
  • Increased employee engagement, job satisfaction & retention and much more ...






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