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Are your employees as relaxed, happy, focused and committed to your organization’s success as they

could be? Are you committed to driving success in cost-effective, cutting-edge and sustainable ways?

stress management
With research implicating stress in 60 to 90% of health issues, organizations cannot afford to ignore this huge health insurance cost driver and employee performance zapper! Learning how to reduce stress is one of the most powerful things people can do to thrive. In this module, we will:

  • identify and neutralize situations that cause stress
  • engage in mental and physical relaxation and rejuvenation tools one can call upon when needed
  • explore proactive techniques to avoid negative, defensive and emotional reactions       

strength & flexibility
Life changes quickly and the more prepared we are mentally and physically for life’s twists and turns the better our responses will be. Being strong and flexible is good for our brains, good for our bodies and great for situations we encounter daily in the workplace. In this module, we explore:

  • establishing a positive mindset each morning to help us be well prepared for change
  • simple tools and actions to build strength and enhance flexibility
  • approaches to help us respond to challenging or unexpected situations with resilience and calm

work/life optimization
Most of us struggle to juggle commitments to family, work, errands, hobbies, sleep, relaxation, civic engagement and fun! Sometimes this juggling act can feel overwhelming. Often, one or more aspects of our lives starts to dominate while another may feel completely out of whack. This module:

  • identifies the major aspects of our lives that are most important to us
  • explores areas of imbalance that with a few simple shifts can become in balance
  • teaches tools to move toward a greater state of joy and vitality at and away from work

focus & creativity
Have you ever been talking on the phone, drinking coffee and opening your mail while you accidentally hit “reply all” to that email you meant for just your boss? Have you ever felt so scattered that absolutely no good ideas are popping into your head? This module explores ways to change all that, including:

  • the harrows of multitasking and benefits of concentrated efforts
  • how to intensify focus and apply this mindset to work and life
  • techniques to get your energy and creative juices flowing more consistently 

passion & happiness
Really, without passion, what’s the point? Yet only 20% of people love what they do, often because they have let the challenges of life obscure the opportunities before them. And enough research has been done to determine that happiness comes from within. How do we enhance ours? This module:

  • explores what participants are most passionate about and how they personally define happiness
  • shares ways to reconnect with one’s passion and achieve and sustain joy routinely
  • identifies ways to bring a positive attitude to every task and every personal encounter

teamwork & trust building
This module fosters a deeper connection to universal human values such as integrity, commitment, trust, cooperation, collaboration and responsibility, which are key to fulfillment in all aspects of life and contribute directly to working and playing well with others. In this module, participants will:

  • gain a broader perspective on how to foster and enjoy a shared spirit of teamwork
  • learn ways to build trust
  • explore how working in harmony can directly contribute to satisfaction and success

goal setting
With more balance, energy and happiness it becomes a whole lot easier to set and pursue personal and professional goals. With an eye on where we are now and where we’d like to be, it becomes much easier to identify where we’d like to be and how to get there. This module helps participants:  

  • identify and take charge of what they really want to accomplish
  • explore how their professional goals can help add value to personal and organizational success
  • create a focused and realistic roadmap for attaining their vision in life and at work      

soft skill refinement
This module delves into an area that sees a significant perception gap: 90% of new workers say they feel prepared in soft skills, but 60% of employers say applicants lack these skills. Also known as “people skills,” these personal attributes are essential for all life roles. Participants explore:

  • challenges and opportunities associated with a wide range of soft skills, including customer service
  • ways to enhance patience, time management, reliability and motivation
  • how meditation or yoga practice develops discipline in one’s life, key to soft skill refinement

Effective communication is universally one of the biggest challenges and possibly the most essential skill to possess both personally and professionally.

This module will provide tools that raise emotional intelligence and establish a foundation for authentic connection. Employees learn to:

  • improve active listening skills
  • maintain a positive attitude and open lines of communication even in adverse situations
  • consider what is necessary to share, to whom, when and how

management & leadership
Managing people and projects is just plain easier once we feel more centered, balanced, focused, calm and creative. In this module, participants will apply what they have experienced to the ultra-important engine that drives an organization: management. Participants will explore:

  • the core concepts of managing in a way that brings out the best in everyone
  • leading with integrity, creativity and effectiveness
  • ways to apply what they have experienced in the modules to become better leaders

career development
By now we’ve identified that work plays a tremendous role in our lives and that using the tools gained thus far helps make our jobs more meaningful, joyful and enriched. But what’s next? How do we utilize these concepts for long-term impact and professional satisfaction? Employees learn:

  • the importance of identifying short- and long-term career goals
  • ways to continue to hone their skills and commit to ongoing education
  • how to maximize networking opportunities and nurture mentoring relationships

We’re not on this planet to be mediocre or live life just to get by. Just as each of us probably has a slightly or dramatically different definition of happiness, the same goes for success. What does it mean to each of us? Why does it matter? How can we achieve a sufficient level of it? This module:

  • looks at the importance and benefits of success
  • explores ways to manifest greater satisfaction and success in work and life
  • helps participants define success in a way that aligns their beliefs and actions