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One million workers are absent daily due to stress, costing U.S. industry $300 billion per year.

Only 13% of employees are actively engaged at work & 67% feel overwhelmed. You can change that!

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Less stress equals more success!

Through a powerful and innovative combination of success coaching, energy rubrics and mindfulness practices, BUSINESS boostcamp modules are designed to drive performance and wellness. With a dozen modules from which to choose and programs available as standalone sessions or multi-week progressions, we work with you to deliver exactly the experience you and your employees need.

how it works

Here's how it works. We meet with you to learn what you feel are your organization's biggest challenges and opportunities for boosting success. We can even help you determine your biggest challenges by performing a Zest Assessment TM with your guidance and support. This analysis examines all the habits and processes that may be preventing optimal energy and performance. Perhaps you have some staff who are lacking energy and focus, feel overworked, burned out and weighed down by stress. A two-hour "Blisscamp" session, which provides tools for increasing focus, reducing stress and being more mindful in all aspects of work and life, could be just the answer.

Maybe you have a team that could stand to boost its trust, teamwork capabilities and communication skills. For them, a three-week session that explores centering and focus then delves into ways to foster a spirit of collaboration and connection and to sharpen active listening and conversation skills would be the solution. There still may be others who you feel could really thrive if they participated in a multi-week program that addressed everything from stress management and goal setting to soft skill refinement and management.

mind + body = prime performance
Our philosophy is that people are not machines whose brains operate in optimum business mode while the rest of their being just hangs out! Instead, individuals perform best and are happiest when their whole person is respected, addressed and nurtured as one. A calm and clear mind and positive mentality can have a significant impact not only on performance and productivity but on our physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental health. It is this approach that drives all BUSINESS boostcamp programs.

relax more, learn more
Sessions begin with centering and relaxation in a calm, safe and trusting environment then move into exploration and discussion of specific topics -- from communication, teamwork and goal setting to stress management, life/work balance and much more. Mindfulness tools such as meditation, deep breathing or gentle, yoga-inspired movement are explored to help internalize the conversation. Finally, as a group we establish manageable action steps to ensure lasting results. No prior experience with mediation or yoga is needed to participate in and benefit from this program.

tailored to tackle your organization’s specific workplace challenges

Programs are delivered on-site to groups or teams of 15-25 individuals you identify as employees who would benefit from a revitalization of professional performance, energy, happiness and wellness. If your facility does not have sufficient space, offsite locations are absolutely possible. Offerings also are adapted for delivery to specific management levels -- from entry level to top leaders. Plus, you know your employees best and what type of mindfulness practice would be most fitting for them.

We work with you to identify the needs, the solutions and the metrics for success. Once we have settled on a solution and you identify the participants, we touch base with each of them prior to the start so that we can discuss their needs, expectations and desired outcomes. At the conclusion of the program, we meet with you to assess its effectiveness and identify and necessary next steps, in terms of follow up or additional training.

modest investment, sustainable results
Multi-week programs feature a 90-minute module once a week and are designed as a progression. Organizations also can select one or more modules that can be delivered as stand-alone, full-day or 2- or 3-hour programs. Note that the more time devoted to one topic, the deeper we delve. Depending on the particular services required, rates begin as low as $25 per session per employee. Given the ever-increasing price tag of healthcare, the high cost of employee turnover and the consequences of poor performance, BUSINESS boostcamp is a modest investment with powerful, lasting results. Read all about the benefits and please feel free to contact us with any questions.